Head Extreme Pro Padel Racket

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Introducing the Head Extreme Pro Padel Racket, a pinnacle of power and precision for advanced and professional players.

Crafted with a new diamond-shaped mould, this racket boasts cutting-edge features to elevate your game. The innovative Soft Butt Cap technology delivers a softer playing feel and effectively dampens vibrations, ensuring an unparalleled touch and control on the court.

Experience an extra boost in power and a sensational impact feel with the incorporation of Auxetic technology, while the hybrid woven hitting surface enhances both power and touch.

Key Features

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Surface: Hybrid woven material + Rough surface
  • Core: Power Foam
  • Weight: 370 grams
  • Balance: High
  • Extreme power tailored for advanced and professional players
  • New diamond-shaped mould for improved performance
  • Soft Butt Cap technology for a softer playing feel and vibration dampening
  • Auxetic technology provides extra power and a sensational impact feel
  • Hybrid woven material in the hitting surface enhances power and touch
  • Extreme Spin technology for optimal ball spin
  • An exclusive, vibrant design for a stylish on-court presence. 

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    Philipp Birkner

    Very good

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