Head Extreme One Padel Racket

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Unleash peak performance with the Head Extreme One Padel Racket – the lightest and strongest in the Extreme series.

Featuring a 12K carbon see-through hitting surface and a revolutionary diamond-shaped mould, this racket offers unparalleled durability, power and aerodynamics.

The Auxetic technology ensures extra power, while the Soft Butt Cap technology provides a softer feel and dampens vibrations. 

Key Features

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Surface: 12K Carbon + Rough surface
  • Core: Power Foam
  • Weight: 345 grams
  • Balance: High
  • Unique hitting surface for extra durability
  • 12K carbon for enhanced strength
  • Lightest and strongest in the series
  • Power, consistent spin and aerodynamic design
  • Diamond-shaped mould for a cutting-edge look
  • Soft Butt Cap for a softer feel and reduced vibrations
  • Auxetic technology for extra power and impact feel
  • Original design with glossy and matt finish

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